Wellness Population Solutions
5020 Campus Dr.
Newport Beach CA 92660

Office: 949.296.7520

WellPop Provides for Hospitals and ACOs:
  • Solutions for difficult patient populations
  • Options for both hospitals and health plans
  • Evidenced based approach to reducing cost
    and improving health outcomes
  • Expandability to larger populations

Our vision is to help accountable care organizations, health groups, and hospitals achieve the triple aim of improved care and improved patient satisfaction at a low cost. With our combined experience of over 20 years providing care in the Emergency Department, we have the expertise to help formulate and execute successful care plans for your high utilizer and readmitted patients. Through coordinating community based resources with representatives from EMS, police, behavioral health and case management, we have a comprehensive team to help combat the fragmented, wasteful, and inefficient care traditionally provided to your high utilizer population.

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